Keep it Simple

Writing and content strategy solutions for businesses with complex stories to tell

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Brainstorming your Story

Tech companies can easily fall into the trap of talking too much about their technology instead of focusing on the value that they bring to the table. We will brainstorm to discover what makes your company unique in the marketplace and begin crafting your story.

Defining your Audience

Are you talking gobledygook to the CMO? Save the tech speak for the development team and craft the right message for each group of people you talk with every day. We can create profiles of your various target audiences so you deliver the right message to the right people = from investors to end users.

Craft your Message

Develop a strong core message that your team loves, and then produce content in all forms - from social posts and brochures to user manuals and even internal communications - that tells your story in your voice.

Get your Message Out

Develop a strong content plan that inserts your story into the conversation. We will help you build an editorial calendar with all the details and supporting material you need, providing you with a go-to-market playbook filled with content.

Telling your story in a compelling, engaging way helps you stand out from the competition. Keep the focus on what you can do for the customer.