Content Solutions

Helping the technology, manufacturing, and healthcare industries tell their stories more effectively.

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Content for Technology Firms

Specialized content solutions for technology firms.

Tech Writing and Lead Gen for Manufacturers

Manufacturers with long lead times or specialized products need content tailored to their unique sales cycle.

Medical Writing for the Healthcare Field

Helping health insurance companies, technology firms, and healthcare facilities tell their unique story.

Agency Support

Providing writing services to content marketing and ad agencies.

All I can say is amazing! I hired Miriam to help us develop some new content for a web site we will be rolling out later this month. While I thought I had hired a Freelance Writer I quickly realized that we had much much more...simply stated Miriam is an outstanding writer. The ability to capture and convert the ideas of a very technical company and put them into words that our clients can not only understand but can relate to was truly amazing.
What was equally amazing and totally unexpected was her experience and passion...guidance we received throughout the engagement was invaluable as it pertained to SEO, audience retention, and our business. It became clear very quickly that Miriam had extensive experience in the consulting world. The communication and professionalism was that of a confident, creative, and passionate professional that truly wanted to help us be successful. It was awesome! --KKC Technologies, Inc.